Vintage Crockery Hire

This began as many others begin this very same obsession, with my own
vintage inspired wedding. Upon getting my entire family and friends to
scour almost every part of the UK I was able to collect enough tea pots and
decorative plates to act as the centre pieces for my and Theo’s wedding.

Upon requests to borrow my teapots I decided it would be fun to continue
to collect and my love of crockery grew.. Homemade vintage bunting is
also available for hire. Although my collection is relatively modest in relation
to others I am passionate about sourcing English-made china and want to
document the growth of my collection within this blog.

So take a peek, enjoy the loveliness and let your imagination run wild with what
you could do with Olive & Em’s crockery. Will it be a birthday party? For a
wedding? A baby shower ? Perhaps an anniversary? Or just a treat for a close
female friend or relative?

Bespoke packages can be designed to suit all tastes
and budgets. See our Prices and T & Cs page for further details on hiring. I can seat up x40 people with mismatched tea cups and sausers, side plates and dinner plates. Up to 15 teapots are available for hire, a limited number of milk jugs and sugar jugs are available as is a bunting package.

Gallery of Crockery..





4 thoughts on “Vintage Crockery Hire”

  1. Looks like the start of a beautiful collection. I have got a few tea services which have been handed down to me from various family, I love using them. Keep an eye on eBay too, some bargains to be had there as well.

    • Ahh thanks sweetie… We did the photoshoot on Saturday… So excited to get the proper pictures of all the crockery uploaded, there is so much more now 🙂 That’s my job for the weekend…

      I keep meaning to check out e bay, however I am a little worried that I will end up spending a fortune on there, it look soooo addictive.. hehe.


  2. Gorgeous photos hun, so well staged as well x

    • thank you lovely.. can’t wait to get more photos up this week 🙂 the next are the plates…. just need to find a moment to do it.hehe.. looking forward to wednesday 🙂 xxxxx

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