Prices & Terms & Conditions..

So here’s to the important bit.. how much does it all costs to hire and what are the Terms & Conditions?



Come and choose your crockery personally if you live in the Manchester area. This is just what our first bride Hannah did for her big day.

I personally love the mismatched look however I do have some full sets. Please make it clear in your enquiry what look you are going for and we will try to cater for you.


To ensure that our collection is returned and the terms of agreement are kept we require all customers to give a £50 deposit when the crockery is dispatched to them. This deposit will be returned in full when the crockery is delivered back and checked by Olive & Em.   All crockery will be checked within 5 days of the crockery coming back to Olive & Em.

Breakages Charge

As I am sure you are aware our crockery is very precious to us at Olive & Em. It takes time to source good quality English China. For this reason we charge £10 for every breakage that occurs whilst the crockery is in your care. The breakage charge will be taken from the deposit. If the breakages exceed the deposit then the customer must pay the additional breakage charge of £10 on top of the £50 deposit.

Delivery & Pick up

To help make things easier for you in the run up to your event Olive & Em are able to deliver and pick up the crockery within a 10 mile radius of Stockport. A total of £10 will be charged for this little luxury. Of course you are very welcome to come to pick up and drop off yourself. We do not post crockery, it is only available for delivery or pick up.

Length of Hire

Packages will be available up to two weeks before your event. It must be returned within 5 days of your event.

Cleaning and Washing up

Do not worry about washing up your crockery we will do this. We do not want any unnecessary breakages.  Please just lightly rinse the crockery before carefully packing it using the packaging provided by Olive & Em.


Your crockery will be packed with so much love and care. Please return the crockery in the same secure packaging.

Health & Safety

Olive & Em will not take any responsibility for any injuries sustained whilst handling or using the crockery. When it is in your care please be very careful.


We would love to share and spread the word about Olive & Em. A small number of business cards will be included within your package. We would ask if these could be discretely displayed at your event. However if this is not appropriate please pass them on to friends and family. This would be very much appreciated.

Photography & recommendations

If you take any photos of your event and the crockery we would love to see them. With your permission we would also like to display and share them on our website. If you would like to we would love to feature you on our Customer Blog & Gallery page. This would involve you writing a brief blog post about how you used your crockery at your event and if and why you would recommend Olive & Em to others.

Of course this is optional however we would love to hear from you and to share your creativity and inspire others for their events.


We do offer bespoke packages, please do get in touch if the packages available do not suit you we will always try to accomodate your needs.

Small Party Package

X5 teapots

X15 tea cups and saucers

X15 side plates

X7 large plates

X5 small bowls

Total price: £45 saving approx. £14 from individual prices.

Decorative Package

Mismatch your crockery to create a stunning display at your event with the decorative package.

X8 Teapots

X2 small teapots

X20 mismatched tea cups and saucers

Bunting package – enough bunting to decorate a large hall.

Total price: £45 saving you £16 if you bought individually. 

Price List:

Item Price
Teapot £2.75 each
Small Teapot £2.00 each
Teacups and saucer £1.25 each
Large Dinner Plate £1.50 each
Medium Sized plate £1.00 each
Large Jug ( limited number available) £2.00 each
Small Jug ( limited number available) £1.25each
Side Plate 75p each
Small bowl £1.00 each
Small sugar bowl ( limited number   available) £1.00 each
Bunting package – enough bunting to   decorate a large hall! £10.00

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