About Olive & Em

Olive & Em is a unique website designed for all those who just adore anything
vintage. The site combines small scale vintage crockery hire with a blog
documenting the vintage passions of its creator Emily. By day Emily is a busy
and passionate secondary school teacher… However the bell goes (plus a
few hours later )and the vintage fun can begin.

My weekends are spent blissfully scouring markets, boot sales, vintage shops
and most importantly indulging my love of charity shops to uncover new items,
be they clothes, crockery, books, record or, home furnishings…Anything
which catches my eye, which is authentic and screams I have a story behind
me and I simply can not resist. I have had a love of vintage fashion for a while
now however it is only really in the past few years that it has started to take
over our house as well as my wardrobe.

The name Olive and Em was inspired by my great grandmother who adored
making things and being creative so in her memory and all the lovely things
she produced and all the hours she spent at craft fairs… Olive here’s to you
and your inspiration.


7 thoughts on “About Olive & Em”

  1. Oh Emily this website is just gorgeous and so very you!! I love it!! I will check in lots xxx My sis in law to be is getting married next year and going for a vintage feel so I will pass on web page too!! Just Lovely!!! xxx

    • heya sweetie, so so glad you like it 🙂 please do pass on the details, there will be lots of pictures up after 8th October, this is my photo shoot day for all the crockery.. very very excited 🙂 how are you? xxxxxxx

  2. Amy Arthur said:

    Hi Emily, I finally found some time to have a look at the website that I have heard so much about. It looks wonderful, you have clearly worked so hard to get it up and running. What oozes from your website is how much you love your collection. It makes me want to add to my one little teapot that was a gift from…well you! Good luck with your project – it looks fantastic. Amy

    • Heya Amy,

      THank you for your lovely message 🙂 So glad that you like it. Honestly the blog and the collecting have really opened up things for me. Sounds so cheesy but it helps so much with work. It gives you a new focus and helps to distract us teachers from the mountains of work there is always to do. You totally should start collecting.. We could get a little army of collectors. Its in our blood, think of Grandma 🙂 But its true I really do love it so much. I’m photographing the crockery for hire at the weekend so will have pictures up next week. I’ll let you know and you can have a peek. HOw are you? Hope to see you soon? Did you have a lovely birthday?lots of love emxxxxx

  3. Claire Ellis said:

    Love the website !!!! I have lots of gorgeous vintage crockery which I am wanting to sell (as no longer have room for it) and wondered if you might be interested (am based in Stockport)? My friend has also started up-cycling vintage furniture pieces (cupboards, occasional tables etc) and is looking for the right outlet to sell them through …….. any ideas?

    • Hiya Claire,

      Thank you for the lovely comments about the site. I would totally love to take your crockery off your hands but I simply have not got anymore room, our house is full to bursting with crockery.. hehe… bless you, thank you for asking. I can put a shout out for you on twitter to see if anyone wants it..
      Hmm your friend might be best going along to some of the local fairs, Stockport’s Vintage Village would be good, there is Homemade heaven based in Hale in Altrincham, there is also Beech Road in Chorlton, a hand made market every Saturday.. Is she local? If nto Etsy is a good one for little businesses, all dedicated to craft and can be done from home. Hope that helps.
      Emily 🙂

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