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One of mine and Theo’s new years resolutions was to make sure that each week we have a date night. We want to make sure that we actually go out, how tempting  is it to just stay in? Especially in winter and watch your favourite box set – ours at the moment is New Girl – I am literally obsessed with Zooey Deschanel, I love her 🙂 Sorry slight aside, so yes, going out.. We are trying new places. So last night we sampled Fuel in Withington.. A vegetarian cafe/bar situated in the heart of Withington. We kept driving past and I said how much I liked the look of it but we were a little unsure of the no meat thing, we both like our meat..

Well we were in for a surprise, it was AMAZING… Food, atmosphere, vibe, everything was really great. It has a really cosy, chilled feeling to it, like you are in a front room. It did actually remind us of a bar we visited in Gran Canaria, I think this was the arch way that leads to the bar and the bright and quirky décor. There are a variety of nights that go on during the week, including an open mic night, a quiz and chips night and Saturdays is a gig night upstairs. It attracts lots of different people; students, young professionals to some fab older rocker types, who were there last night.

The food was amazing too. I had a Falafel, olive and humus wrap and chips, it was soo soo yummy, I did not even notice the no meat 🙂 If you are up for a fun night, with lovely staff too and a really laid back atmosphere then FUEL is for you. Why not check it out yourself.

Any suggestions for our next date night out, we have a few places lined up but are always open to surprises.

Apologies for the lack of pictures, WordPress does not seem to want to let me upload these, once we have sorted out our rubbish computer I will try to upload them!

Until next time,

Olive& Emxxx