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Warning.. this post may make you want to escape to a hot and sunny place J Well the UK has been doing its best to be this for us over the last few days, at least it has here in the north west. I am aware that my family down south are very angry that we have had soaring temperatures whilst they have been sitting in fleeces!!

Anyhow… back to my post, so a couple of weeks ago the hubby and I jetted off for some sun and much needed rest and it was FABULOUS We went to Gran Canaria and stayed in the gorgeous little fishing village of Port De Morgan. This little hide away is a far cry from other tourist filled areas of Gran Canaria, it is traditional to the max, locals mixed with a sprinkling of tourists.

This is what I love the most about it, we came here on our honeymoon and I have been on a girlie holiday here with my mum and sister. You are actually immersed in some Spanish culture. There is only one hotel in the village and the rest of the area is made up of apartments and local traditional whitewashed houses. A great treat is the walk up through these said houses to the viewing point. On this little adventure ( the most activity we had all week) I was able to put to test my Spanish speaking. I have been taking lesson since January and I was surprised how much I was able to get by with. Well we got a little lost trying to find the viewpoint in the maze of gorgeous and authentically decorated houses. An old Spanish lady took pity on us walking round and round, well up and up and she pointed and spouted some very fast Spanish, but I got it and eventually we got to the top. Only to be welcomed by these gorgeous views of the harbour, beach and the surrounding area… 





Beautiful isn’t it? The Harbour has to be one of my places. The gorgeous cascades of flowers that adorn the little houses. The area is renamed Little Venice J So so beautiful… The water is crystal clear and the boats of the rich bob up and down quite happily. 



Another little treat the holiday surprised us with was a glimpse of traditional Gran Canarian culture. As we were there over the Day of Gran Canaria we were able to watch a fabulous evening of folk music and traditional dancing in the square as the sun went down. This was one of the highlights of the holiday for me. I love seeing what a place is really like behind all the tourism and Port De Morgan allows for just that, a glimpse of real Canarian life. 



The buys of the holiday will be my next post 🙂 

Happy vintage hunting lovely people,

Lots of love,

Olive & Emxxxx