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Goodness me, it’s been a while. With it being the Easter holidays and having just spent a lovely half an hour sitting making cards at my lovely bureau I thought I would check in on here and update you on some of my recent finds. I’m trying to limit myself recently as I realised I really do have too many clothes. I find that if I get too much stuff in the house it affects my mood, I am attempting to continue to cultivate the simple life..

Consumerism seems to have adverse effects on me.. We were at our local high street the other day and it made me want to run as fast as I could to the nearest field! Ok so you are thinking I’m going slightly crazy, but honestly I have found that only going to the odd charity shop, every now and then really is doing my little soul the world of good. It is crazy how fast you can get sucked into the buy, buy , buy mode of thinking. I suppose that I console myself, when I do a charity shop jaunt with the idea that I am helping someone by giving my money to a worthy cause. Something else I have started to do when I buy something, I pass something on. It really is truly satisfying. It may be at a clothes swap, simply passing on to a friend or to the local charity shop, but giving away the same number of items you bring in or more really seems to work for me. Some of you will be reading this and thinking I couldn’t do that but honestly have a root through and I bet you will find things you no longer need that another person will absolutely love. It gets a little addictive. I’ve started to pass on at clothes swaps things that I do actually like, but don’t really wear. Seeing others getting pleasure out of it is just as good as getting something new I am discovering. 

Anyway, enough of my shopping philosophy down to my bargain buys from the last couple of weeks. First up we have this gorgeous summer dress, which has been customised and rouched (not sure how to spell)  at the bottom by the previous owner. I am yet to try this little number on actually, but plan on buttoning it in at the waist with a big waist belt. At just £4 it was a little steal for the summer. I found this one at the East Didsbury Sue Ryder Shop.





My next set of finds were on a recent trip to Knutsford. The hubby and I went there to celebrate our 3rd Wedding Anniversary it really is well worth a visit if you love history, quaint villages and charity shops.  Normally the array of shops and the excellent surrounding clientèle provides for a find in nearly every shop however this time I only found that the Cancer Research was tickling my fancy. I blew my £10 budget however, not by too much, but came out with three really lovely buys. I guess in hindsight I could of spent a lot more but I am trying to be good. 

So I fell in love with this little dress and with my hair recently bleached blonde and bobbed, this dress looks so cute 🙂 This I think will be the birthday outfit for this weekend’s stay at the parents 🙂 It was £8.50 originally from Miss Selfridge, not a shop I would usually go for but I couldn’t resist. 



Next up was this gorgeous Karen Millen shirt for just £7.50. It fits perfectly and I’m going to wear it for evening going out. I could wear it to work but I have lots of work shirts to I figured I would keep this one for home attire 🙂 I’ve even done a close up of the tag to prove its authenticity. I love the pattern on it and it will be great for summer evenings. 





My last find in Cancer Research was this simple summer top. We are off abroad soon and I don’t do hot sun dressing particularly well. I like to snuggle and cover up so I tried this on and liked the floaty feel of the fabric and figured it would be great for our beach holiday. It is originally from America I think and was only £4.50. Happy days:-) 





Just thought I would squeeze in a little find I have customised. I found this bag in Mind down in Essex on my last visit to see the family. It only cost me £2 and I have been looking for a bag to sling over me for a while. So I got this one home and decided to customise it, make it look a little different. I sewed on an old 1940’s original button, provided by my lovely Grandma and stuck on some jazzy 70s fabric then added a brooch I have had for ages.. See what you think, not bad for £2 hey?!! 

CIMG2374So Happy belated Easter and happy bargain hunting lovelies. Until Next time.. 

Much love

Olive & Emxxx