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Happy New Year:-) Seems like ages ago now that we were celebrating and watching the fireworks on a little lap top at my parent in law’s house up in Kendal!! Anyway I hope you all had a lovely new year and are enjoying 2013. I am sitting here willing it to snow, as forecast, but I am sure it will only end up being a little bit of drizzle – always is here in Manchester!! 

Anyway so we all love a little bit of vintage fair action but being cash strapped, saving to buy a dream house, and it being just after Christmas. I pondered, how could I have a fun girlie afternoon at one of my fav vintage fairs without breaking the bank.. Well here was birthed the £5 challenge. Find something you love for only £5. It turned out to be so much fun. We: Me, Rachel, Alison, Anna and Ciara made our way down to Stockport’s Vintage Village this afternoon and we found some lovely bargains. 

Stall holders loved the idea of the £5 challenge and one lovely pair, Jemma and Leyla were helping us find bargains on their stall. They really jumped on board and with it being relatively near the end of the day, a little bit of haggling was encouraged. So without further a do, here are the results of the £5 challenge… 

The gorgeous Alison fell in love with this beautiful vintage hat from Jemma and Leyla’s stall. This little number is handmade by Jemma, how clever is she?! It has a gorgeous blue bow on it.. doesn’t she look cute in it? 🙂  Unfortunately they don’t have a website so you will have to pop down to the next Vintage Village to see them. 


The lovely Rachel also bought from Jemma and Leyla too, getting this lovely handbag for a steal at £5. She haggled it down from £6. Well done Mrs. Such a gorgeous bag 🙂 Rachel also may have spent a little more on a beautiful tapestry weekend bag and an authentic 1950s nurses cape with the original embroidery inside saying Bolton Hospital. Rachel is a nurse so she just had to get it 🙂  


Anna found this gorgeous brooch, perfect for her vintage ball gown that she snapped up at our last vintage fair trip. She paid an excellent £3 for it.. Happy days Anna. Anna went slightly over budget by buying two teapots/ coffee pots and bagging a set of bowls, plates and cups with one of the teapots all for £6.  Best bargain of the day me thinks… Her Midwinter teapot on the right was from snygg-cool vintage for contemporary living.  Here she is with her teapots, a very happy lady and underneath her lovely broach. 



Then there was Ciara who did very well, finding this fabulous gypsy, Romany style teapot for £3. I love love love this:-) Ciara and Anna live in the same flat so there will be lots of teapots there. Ronan will be pleased girls 🙂 


Last but not least there is me… I stumbled across this amazing hat after about 10mins.. I loved it at first sight. When I picked it up, I couldn’t believe it was only £4.50!! woohoo… It was from Vintage Cyprus, a stall definitely worth a peek at if you at Vintage Village next month. So so pleased with it, I wore it there and then.. Think it might be slightly too small as have a little headache from it now but hey sometimes a woman has to suffer for the love of vintage. Hehe… 


There may have been one extra buy from me, a Susie Cooper teapot, for just £2!! but shhhh don’t tell anyone. It was from the lovely Laura at Planet Vintage Girl 🙂 I simply could not resist. You will have to wait for a future post to see that one though. 

Until next time, happy vintage hunting and ladies thank you for a lovely afternoon. Love and hugs, 

Olive & Emxxxx