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Goodness me, it has been a while… doesn’t life get busy sometimes!! I guess this is good time of year to slow down and catch up with all those things that you love to do.  This is of course one of the things I love to do, but just not had a moment to recently. Today’s post is just a little peek into Christmas for me this year, only a few pics. 

So I’m sitting here with the candles going watching films and munching on all the sweeties we have had, curtsy of my lovely pupils at school 🙂 Perfect Christmas time relaxation. How have your Christmas’s been? Good I hope and filled with lots of happy memories. 

So here we go….

Lets start with my Christmas makes this year… making is definitely going to be a bigger part of 2013. I feel so relaxed when I’m making and it’s so important to relax.

CIMG2309After visiting Germany with school earlier in December, one of the teachers I went with was also into making and craft and suggested we buy some cinnamon sticks and ribbon and make a creative candle with it. This was my attempt above.  The felt button decoration below was made at our Christmas make group. I love the red theme that comes out at Christmas, red and white to be exact. It’s not the neatest of decorations but I like it 🙂 You should have seen one of the makers made a Rudolph face, it was so cute. 

CIMG2310My final Christmas make comes in the form of our advent calendar. I have to say it didn’t really get used very much as it’s hard to find sweeties that fit in the match boxes. Also when it is you that fills the boxes each morning, it kind of looses it’s excitement in opening – you know what is inside!! hehe.. Both this idea and the button Christmas decoration came from the fabulous Homes and Antiques magazine. If you do not yet read it, you must 🙂 



Here are a few pics of our decorations and some of the lovely gifts I was given 🙂 I’m a very lucky girl. I’d love to hear about your Christmas celebrations. Lots of our decorations this year come from Germany, like the stockings hanging on the side of the fireplace. The tree was filled with so many beautiful miniature decorations. Authentic German markets are a must. 



CIMG2318And a couple of my pressies..


CIMG2322Happy Christmas fellow vintage lovers.. Enjoy the celebrations. 

Much love

Olive& Emxxx