It really has been too long… My life seems to have been taken over by my new job. I am totally loving it however by the time I get home from school finding the energy to write a blog post seems to have escaped me these last few weeks. Anyway tonight, with Theo out at band practise, it’s my turn to catch up on a little bit of Emily time 🙂 Just been reading some of my fav blogs to get me back in the vintage flow and here I am.

So I wanted to share with you a little glimpse into a lovely evening I had, last week, with some of the Ivy Fallowfield girls. For those of you who know me well, you will know that Theo and I have moved back into Fallowfield to be living in the community to try to best serve the church that we are part of. I love living in the heart of Fallowfield, well not too close to the revellers, so that we can be near the students and residents of the church we have planted here. 

One thing that I have started up is Fallowfield Make Group. It’s an informal evening where fellow makers and craft lovers get together to hang out, eat treats, drink hot drinks and make something. Our first event saw us making cards. My late grandma on my dad’s side left me lots of card making bits and pieces and what better way to use it than to share it out. So there were four of us in the end and we shared out all our bits and pieces, each bringing to the table what we had at home. It was so much fun and it is a great way to get lots of different people together. 

Check out all our supplies.. sequins, ribbon, buttons, fabric.. so so much fun 🙂 

Here is the making in progress….


Naomi successfully using the transfers, I can never do this… however we do now have a permanent transfer on our table cloth now.. hehe, a fond reminder of a fab night.

And here are the end results… 

Our next Fallowfield make group will be in December, we’ll be making button Christmas decks so if you fancy it and live near by give me a shout. 

Anyone made anything crafty recently? or fancy setting up your own make group? It’s simple, find a place, some friends who like craft and pool your resources, make things and make friends. Our next challenge is to invite some of our neighbours 🙂 

Much vintage love

Olive & Emxxxx