I just want to start by saying a HUGE thank you to all of my readers who voted for me, the first time, for the Vintage Manchester Best of Vintage 2012 awards. Due to your help and your votes I have managed to become a finalist for the awards and the Best Vintage Newcomer category. Yay šŸ™‚

So now I need your help again, please could you vote for me one last time to see if I can win the category?? Thank you:-)

It means the world to me that I have even been nominated and there is some seriously stiff competition so we will see. Anyway I LOVE Olive & Em I really do. I love the blogging side of it, I love sharing with like-mindedĀ people and most of all I love to share my lovely Olive & Em crockery with so many people. A box is ready and waiting upstairs forĀ a friend’s wedding on Friday. I can not wait to see what the flowers are going to look like, they are going to be her centre pieces šŸ™‚Ā  I honestly can not thank you all enough for helping me out with this awesome opportunity.

So for one last time please pop me a little vote, Olive & Em the bestĀ vintage newcomer,Ā using the following link:

Vintage Manchester Best of Vintage 2012 Awards

Thank you again and happy vintage hunting.

Lots of love

Olive & Emxxxx