As some of you may be aware the hubby and I have moved house this summer. We are renting and had the exciting task of making a pretty much empty shell into a vintage inspired home. The house came with some basic pieces of furniture but there really has been lots of room for us to add our own personal touches. So so exciting. We are still adding bits here and there. I honestly think that vintage home ware may have taken over the love of vintage fashion. Don’t get me wrong I still LOVE creating vintage outfits, but I think that I must be getting older hehe.. I’m becoming a little vintage housewife. Is it wrong to have started to enjoy my little cleaning couple of hours every week as I sproose up the house? There is something very satisfying about seeing a sparkling house, a real sense of achievement… Maybe I’m on my own on this one.

Anyway back to the reason for this post, my new pride and joy. So at the beginning of the hols Mr. B and I poodled round to the local furniture charity shop, St. Ann’s Hospice. We went with a bookcase on our shopping list. Our bookcase is a sorry attempt from Argos, put up by myself over 3 years ago. It wabbles very precariously when you touch it and has no back. Well anyway we arrived and there outside stood a beautiful Bureau. Again, Mother I know I always say this but this really is true, I have ALWAYS wanted a bureau. As someone who is OBSESSED with stationery, the little drawers and alcoves for letters and bits and pieces get me very excited. I know I am very sad but hey, it’s the small simple things in life that make me happy, best way to be in my mind.

So after a little deliberation, by which I mean me convincing myself and Theo that the bookcase is fine just the way it is and I am sure that it will be ok. I just won’t store too many books on it! We squeezed it into the car and hey presto I had my bureau. We have popped it in the spare room. It stores lots of craft bits, notebooks full of vintage loveliness, books and generally lots of bits and pieces that make me happy. So have a little look for yourself. Oh forgot to mention, it was an absolute bargain at £25 and in such good condition. The only fault is the slight paint mark on the side but no one notices that.. Happy days…

And inside in all its glory…

More of my bits and pieces…

And inside the drawers… My craft things has their very own drawers.

Happy Vintage hunting.

Lots of Love

Olive& Em xxx