Just a quick little post to share with you the gorgeous vintage post cards that I picked up when I was on my trip to Normandy in France. I had read an article about vintage post cards in the fabulous Homes & Antiques and came across some lovely and incredibly unique originals when I was wandering round one of Normandy’s quaint sleepy little towns.

The Homes and Antiques article taught me that sending post cards became all the rage at the turn of the 20th century. With the early 1900’s being a period where the rich wanted to share their holidays with the world. Of course not only were they sharing their holidays but also their wealth and prestige, they could actually afford to go on holiday. This created a huge boom in sending post cards and post card manufacturing.

The post cards below are pretty old, dating back to what I think says 1905 and 1907 so they are from the beginning of the boom period. The handwriting suggests a lady has written them. I just fell in love with the gorgeous and intricate designs. They are protected by a plastic cover and are in fantastic condition but very delicate. I am unsure of their worth, they probably are worth very little however I really feel that I have picked up a little bit of history here. My next job is to translate what they say. I just love that I can now share in this lady’s adventure. I promise to look after them and keep them very safe.

So without further a do, have a little look at my little piece of history…

Here’s what was on the back….

And a closer look at the post mark shows… it’s either 05 or 06.. any guesses?

And my other little find.. This one is my favourite of the two.