Sorry for the quietness here at Olive & Em recently.. Think I’ve probably mentioned a few times that we’re moving house so we are surrounded by boxes and boxes and boxes!! Little bit hectic but looking forward to a new start in a new house and starting a fresh for a vintage inspired home. A blog about that will follow soon I promise 🙂

So here are just two of my recent vintage finds for the home. First is this lovely green metal cooking pot. I snapped this little number up as my lovely hubby “accidentally” put our ceramic casserole pot on the hob.. not realising that this would crack it. Of course disaster struck and the ceramic pot was no more. It did not however stop us from having our lovely beef bourginogne ( not quite sure how to spell) from the lovely Rachel Khoo’s Little Paris Kitchen. We decided again to christen the lovely pot by making the same recipe on Theo’s birthday. It was yummy, the lovely Green pot really did a fab job.


I found it when I attended the North West Vintage Network meeting which was held at Institu Architectural Salvage. After having a great evening questioning and discussing all things vintage I had a chance to spend a little money 🙂 I could not resist really, after lots of advice and reassurance that this would not break on the hob I snapped it up for a bargainous price of £8.

My second Vintage find to share with you is more of a gift. At my church we have a fab website where people can share their free items that they no longer want. Well I hit lucky the other day. A lovely lady was giving away a gorgeous retro blue suitcase.. I jumped at the chance to take this off her hands all for free too 🙂 It’s been so so useful as another place to put all of our stuff for our move.

I was even happier with myself when I opened up the suitcase to reveal a gorgeous cream lining and a little mirror. This may suggest that it’s a vanity case rather than a suitcase however it’s a little on the large side to be a vanity case. It is so so lovely and in great condition. I would guess it is 1960s/70s. Any better estimations please get in touch. I can just imagine it being used brand new by a young lady on her summer holidays, feeling very grown up with her lovely blue suitcase.  I’m going to be using it for display me thinks in the new house.

Please do share your finds, happy vintage hunting 🙂 Looking forward to the summer holidays when I will be flooding you with finds.

Lots of Love

Olive& Emxxx