I have been trying to be as good as I can recently, curbing the spends to an absolute limit. We are moving house you see so, as I am sure you all know, this is a very costly business!! However,  it’s ever so hard not to want to buy things for the new place, imagining where they might go. I don’t have full free reign though as we are renting and the house comes furnished. However I am a strong believer that you can still put your signature mark upon a property even if it is rented and the furniture is someone else’s choice. Anyway, that is a whole different blog post. One I will attempt in the summer hols when I have got our new house just the way I would like it.

So to my finds.  My first comes from the fabulous St Anns Hospice shop in Cheadle. Upstairs there is a whole floor dedicated to vintage. All the prices are incredibly reasonable. Unfortunately the day I visited a lot of the clothes section was closed off due to a leak in the roof. However I did find this fab 1960s style draft excluder. I have been wanting one of these for a while. The plan was to make my own however for the small sum of a £5 this little find came home with me. I’m afraid convenience got the better of my making skills!

My next fabulous find came from Stockport’s brilliant vintage fair, Vintage Village. I was actually doing the finds of the fair this month. Have a little peek at the items that caught my eye from this months fair.  If you haven’t had a chance to get down to Vintage Village yet, you must, must, must. The stall holders are just lovely and you are sure to find a bargain. I found these gorgeous squares. I WISH that I knew how to make them myself, however this was the next best thing. I found this fab little collection on the stall of Vintage Vantage. I have bought from the lovely stall holder twice now and I was so so happy with my purchase. At just £3 I couldn’t walk away. I am thinking of making it into a cushion cover. Any ideas are very welcome, don’t worry I will be sharing what I do eventually make 🙂 I definitely think these will be featuring in the new house 🙂 I just love them, the colours make me very happy.

I did get some material when I was visiting my family down south but I think that I will save this for my makes and displays within the new house 🙂 My last little purchase is the gorgeous brooch below. I picked it up from the lovely ladies at Grandma’s Attic. Its handmade from the tail of an old fur coat, with original buttons at the centre. This particular one was so early 40s that I could not resist. I think that it will do just fine on the Aquascutum coat which I got a couple of months back .

That’s all from me for today. Happy hunting lovely people. I think tomorrow afternoon is going to be a making afternoon 🙂 I’ll be customising a new cardie with a collar, its taken me a while to get round to it but I will be sure to share the results 🙂

Much love,

Olive & Emxxxx