Where do I begin? I guess I have always been a bit of a royalist, ok no, quite a major royalist really. Last year on the day of the Royal Wedding my alarm was set uber early and I was actually too excited to sleep. I got a nervous feeling in my tummy as Wills and Kate arrived at the Abbey. Yep I am a self-confessed little lover of the royals. hehe..

So to this year’s main event. Again we got up early, I was staying at my Mum & Dad’s which made it much easier to get up to London. We arrived and walked to meet our friends at Blackfriars Bridge. Luckily they managed to get there even earlier and got us a fantastic spot just on the ramp up to Blackfriars Bridge. We had a long 5 hour wait ahead of us by the time we arrived, however in true British style we got to know all the people around us and made some Jubilee friends. As you can see everyone was in great spirits.

The weather was pretty darn horrid to be honest and we couldn’t believe it when the heavens really opened just after the Queen’s barge passed us. Here’s the crew, Mum, Dad and Sophs in the middle and Auntie Alice and uncle Andrew either side. I’m afraid Theo was left at home due to work 😦 Then there’s Soph and I looked a little wet and bedraggled but hey ho 🙂

Anyway we whiled away the 5 hours by counting down to lunch time and waiting in a toilet queue for 45mins!! Again though we did make lots of new friends and did the British thing of complaining about the weather but always found a silver lining 🙂 

Check out the beautiful picture we were standing just in front of. This is apparently the largest picture ever made of the royals 🙂 This view was from the toilet queue 🙂

So I’m going to let the pictures do the talking so you can see what a great event this really was. It was such a memorable day and one I am so so glad we went 🙂 I’ll never forget it. Thank you Queeny, you looked fabulous and big praises to you and the Duke for standing up for so long. My legs are killing today having stood for so long, all respect to her as her legs a little older than mine. hehe…

Here’s the bells leading the procession..

The boats coming around the corner were a sight a camera simply can not capture..

 What an amazing view – Sir Steven Redgrave and his team rowing…..

Then the royal barge came into view… Excited 🙂  

And then came the moment we had all been waiting for, with flags waving, singing “God save the Queen,” we cheered and we waved… Totally worth it 🙂

Unfortunately we had Camilla and Charles on our side and not Kate, William and Harry however we could clearly see them and look at that view of Queeny, awesome 🙂

 At this point the rain really did start tumbling down. We stayed for a little while longer until the barge passed under the Tower Bridge which we saw on the big screen. All in all the waiting around, the rain was totally worth it 🙂

Please do share your jubilee celebrations with me. We’re watching the service and procession tomorrow and having a little bit of a tea party. The festivities continue 🙂 Here’s to the Queen’s 60 year reign.

Happy Jubilee Weekend,

Much love,

Olive & Emxxxx