I’ve almost finished clearing up after such a lovely afternoon. Thank you to all those who managed to make it down 🙂 Today was the first Olive & Em afternoon tea. I decided that I wanted to use the crockery more and bless my friends with afternoon tea. It also gives me a chance to show off how lovely it can look for an event too 🙂

I asked my lovely friend Helena to make some cakes. Helena is just starting out at The Chocolate Cake Cottage. This is a new cake making business for all your special events. Please let me know if I do an event for you as I can now provide cakes too through the lovely Helena. She is well worth a look at and a like on facebook, have a peek 🙂

Olive & Em is passionate about sourcing British made crockery and can now cater for up to 70 people with tea cups and saucers, teapots, milk jugs and sugar bowls.  I can cater for up to 60 people if you are looking for dinner plates and side plates aswell. Please feel free to look at the Vintage Crockery pages for more images of the crockery on offer and then the Prices and T & Cs page for more details about hiring. Do not hesitate to get in touch 🙂

I love vintage crockery and love to share it with others. There is nothing better than a good girlie natter over cake and using gorgeous crockery. I will be running these on a regular basis so do not worry if you missed this one, there will be many more to follow. We’re all looking for something different to do to escape the hum drum of life. What better way to while away an afternoon and meet some new people ?:-) I’m thinking for the next one we dress up from a particular era 🙂

Here are the pics, sorry not many, I was too busy chatting..hehe..

Look at Helena’s gorgeous cupcakes 🙂

And lots of people enjoying tea…

The lovely Vicky and her gorgeous daught Isla 🙂

 Please do get in touch if you like what you see and think you could use Olive & Em crockery for your special event.

Lots of love

Olive & Emxxxx