As many of my regular readers and friends will know I volunteer every other Saturday at the amazing Barnardos Vintage. I know I am slightly mad, I have lots of things going on in my little life and people often say to me.. How do you fit it all in?! But I can honestly say that spending four hours every other week in this little vintage store is like a little bit of heaven for me 🙂 I love to be surrounded by beautiful and old things. I love to imagine the stories behind the clothes and the homeware that comes in. Of course I also like to nab a few bargains for myself too:-) Ok so quite a few bargains but I do often donate as well! Not quite as often as I buy but I have popped a few things in that I have grown out of or that don’t fit my look anymore.

Barnardos Vintage has recently undergone some exciting changes. We used to be located in Wilmslow. Now however, the shop can be found on Cheadle High Street in a much bigger shop. Nikki, the manager of the shop, and her assistant Jen along with a little army of fabulous volunteers have worked incredibly hard to make the shop look incredible. Nikki and Jen work so well together in creating exciting and artistic displays out of every day objects. Nikki is so open to creativity and is very happy to let me create new displays when I come in. I love the crockery and kitchen ware section, ( as you can probably guess) the little haberdashery section is also become a favourite of mine.

This picture shows you the little haberdashery corner where Nikki and Jen have displayed original old patters, materials and wools in a way that just draws you in. Alongside this area are curtains which can be used for material and pillow cases and aprons. All are very popular.

Ok so enough babble let me take you on a virtual tour of the shop….. We’ve done the haberdashery corner..

Now onto the mens area….Vintage is defiantly not just for the ladies and Barnardos Vintage caters for the men too 🙂 The pictures and the little added extras that make this corner so great are all tailored towards male interests. I just love the detail and the thought that goes into it.

If we are to walk round from the men’s area you will come to the book corner..

 Nikki loves to have the walls covered in old pictures. I adore this look and its something that I have replicated in our house. A feature wall of pictures sets our little lounge alive 🙂 Well I think so anyway 🙂

Opposite the book corner is this great display. This regularly changes, in fact this display is different every time I come in. So it keep customers interested and constantly looking in.

As you can see this display is very much geared to the ladies and ladies accessories. Barnardos Vintage not only sells clothes, accessories  and homeware but there is also furniture available, this tends to be snapped up by vintage lovers creating the vintage look throughout their home so keep coming in to grab yourself a little piece of treasure.

We next come along to the dressing table, again I love this display. I love how the whole shop looks like the inside of someones home..

You can see peeking through at the bottom of this picture an amazing J.K Meakin Kitchen set.. Sorry I just can not ignore the kitchen and crockery stock 🙂 If you were to walk round from the dressing table you will come to one of my favourite cabinets, you’ll see why below..

Some more lovely crockery can be found further towards the front of the shop…

I just had to take a closer picture of the lovely cutlery set on display here…

We’re now at the front of the shop. Here we have women’s clothing displayed in colour blocks. We also have at the moment ( these I imagine will go fast) some beautiful vintage wedding dresses. Below are some pictures of my favourite one. This is an orginal 1960s wedding dress however I think its genre is almost simple Jane Austen style. I just adore the detail on the back. For £19.99 this is such a bargain. Take a peek..

 So I will leave you with some general pictures of the shop and the front window. Please do come in and have a good rummage. Barnardos Vintage is a beautiful shop, so much love and attention goes into displaying beautiful vintage pieces by Nikki, Jen and a whole host of volunteers. Come in and say hello, please mention if you read about the shop on the blog, be great to meet some readers 🙂 I’m next in on Sat 21st April and Sat 28th April.

Happy Vintage Hunting lovely people and a very Happy Easter to you all.  Please do take the time to come and support Barnardos and say hello at Barnardos Vintage Cheadle 🙂

Lots of love