So it’s the Easter Holidays.. Yay ūüôā With the Easter holidays has come a big spring clean, me and Theo spent the day scrubbing the floors and polishing.. Feel very domesticated and rather like Monica from Friends. We had a little break in the middle of the day and watched a fantastic little show.. The Little Paris Kitchen.. I think that I might be a little obsessed. I have now transferred¬†cooking ingredients into little jars and Wednesday will see us eating Beef Bourginion .. Theo of course will be making it and I will set the table ūüôā So have you seen it? What do you think? It’s on tonight at 8.30pm BBC2. Honestly¬†Rachel has¬†got great vintage style and it really makes me want to go to Paris even more than before.

Anyway with the holidays tends to come a little more time so I thought that I would have a making day tomorrow. In the mean time I thought that I would show you a few little things that I have been making.

So first comes my attempt at curtain making. Well one curtain. Our black out blind fell down monnnthhhsss¬†ago!! We have been using a throw and a piece of material to try to block the light. As you can guess it didn’t really work so well!! So I finally found some vintage material I liked.¬†¬†I started by cutting¬†the correct shape¬†out, hemming it and then added some tabs to hang it. I tend to do my sewing by just making it up as I go along so I was so pleased when I popped it up it fitted the window perfectly.. Have a look…

Not quite sure what has happened but half of my post from Monday seems to have disappeared. Anyway here is the rest of the post…

My next little project was to make a door stop. Now I have looked at many versions of these and have come up with a rather simple method. Cut a piece of material out into a rectangular shape. I then hemmed each of the edges to prevent fraying. After this I placed some small stone bought from a garden centre and placed them in the centre of the material. I then tied the ends together into a knot. To make it look a little prettier I added my favourite Cath Kidston ribbon to give it that finishing touch. See what you think..

My final instalment for¬†my making is cards. Now I have been really uninspired by the cards that are available in the shops so I have started to make my own.¬†I went armed to the shops and bought sequins, cardboard cut outs from hobbycraft, old magazine cut outs,¬†material scraps, buttons and ribbon, all of which I have used to make cards. I’m really pleased with them. Have a little look at what I managed to created below.

This one I made for my mum for her birthday..

This one I made for¬†my lovely mum for mother’s day..

 I made this one for our new neigbours next door..

And finally one for the boys..

Please do share your vintage makes and crafty things..

Much love

Olive & Em