What a gorgeous day it’s been, I’ve been uber domesticated, sorted and planted in the garden, seeds (thanks to my friend Rick) and some gorgeous flowers and I’ve just baked a sponge for a friends event tomorrow.  So this week I thought that I would share with you a little bit more about Olive, my great-grandmother and the name sake of this site:-)

As I have mentioned before she ran a dress making shop in Benfleet, Essex in the 1930s. This I think is such an achievement. For women at that time having their own business was a daunting task. With the traditional idea that the mother should be in the home looking after the children very much the done thing, Olive, my great-grandmother certainly went against the grain. However, I know that my great-grandfather would have supported her all the way in her amazing adventure. They had a long and very happy marriage, devoted to each other and of course to my grandma.

So when I spoke to Grandma she informed me that before she got married, Olive, made everything for her. One of my favourite designs is the picture below. This picture is of my grandma and my lovely grandpa. They met very young and served as scout leaders together. The dress below is a classic 1950s design, with a simple shape however nipping in at the waist to show off grandma’s lovely figure. The pattern is floral another signature pattern of the era. Another aspect of the dress to point out is the neck line, revealing just a little but certainly not too much. It’s a gorgeous box shape which I think is just so flattering.    As I am sure that many of you will agree, its something that we could very easily wear today.

Another lovely design made my Olive was this one below. reminiscent of the late 1940s designs, this simple dress again highlights the waist with the belt detail. It’s definitely one I would wear now. How happy do they look 🙂

So Olive designed and made the most important dress my Grandma will ever have worn… it is of course her wedding dress. Well Olive really did show her skills in this, now I am not going to rabbit on about this as I think that the pictures do the talking for me. See what you think.. An incredibly talented and inspiring lady I think 🙂

Look at the beautiful lace on that… It reminds me of Grace Kelly’s gorgeous wedding dress with the full sleeves, all the lace, the neck and front of the dress.

This final picture I will leave you with, you can see Olive standing proudly next to my Grandma the gorgeous bride 🙂 Thank you Olive and to my dad’s mum, Margret for being such an inspiration to me. A blog post about Margret, my other grandma, will follow very soon, another amazing lady who truly inspires me to chase after my dreams and practice and develop my creativity.

Please feel free to share your inspirations, I would love to hear about them.

Happy making and vintage hunting.

Much love

Olive & Em