I can not believe that its March already. I’m in the third month of my challenge of limiting my spending habits and focusing on what I really need , rather than what I really want!! As many of you are aware I LOVE vintage and at the beginning of the year I set myself a challenge to buy clothes only from charity shops. Ok so I draw the line at underwear but everything else is a possibility. I am attempting to help to stop my sudden and, what were, incredibly frequent splurges on things that I really didn’t need. My challenge is also trying to raise the profile of charity shopping, not that that really needs doing, as so many of us out there are turning to charity shops and vintage. I just figured that the money that I do spent could go and help others, go to a good cause rather than being sucked into a big corporate machine which probably doesn’t treat its workers with a fabulous amount of respect and dignity anyway. Well that rant is probably for another blog but I’m sure that you get my point. Sustainable,  responsible fashion and spending is the way forward.

Something that majorly helped in my quest to only spend £15 a month on clothes and £10 a month on crockery for my vintage crockery hire business ( see on my other page for more details of this) was that at new year I opened my wardrobe and actually heard the word inside my head “Enough.” I looked inside and I saw an array of amazing and eclectic designs all in front of me, that need to be shown off. I don’t need anymore, in fact I got rid of more in that little revelation… having a clear out is the most refreshing thing to do and helps others at the same time. So I really began the challenge with a positive feel about it.

So what have I invested in. Well to be honest my main focus upon my charity shop visits has been crockery. We have visited Leigh on Sea charity shops, Rayleigh charity shops and the gorgeous village of Knutsford where I found some amazing charity shops. My only clothes purchase this month has been these gorgeous Mocco boots from Little Havens in Leigh on Sea, Essex. I’ve not heard of the make however at £7.99 and a perfect fit I knew that they had my name written all over them 🙂 They’re not vintage but have a vintage feel to them and give off the riding trend…. Aren’t they gorgeous ???


My other clothes finds have actually been donated to me by friends of my lovely mother in law, Frances 🙂 From the little bag of goodies that she gave me there was this gorgeous deep red authentic 1960s tank top and a lovely floral, like Liberty print shirt, perfect for the spring and summer time ahead.


Check out the detailed print… it’s just gorgeous…

The tag says London Pride… anyone know anything about it??


In realising that I really do have lots of clothes my eyes have been drawn to interiors and I have certainly been doing lots of making.. More on what I have been making in a later post. Its ranged from curtains to cards to door stops. I’m loving it 🙂 Don’t you worry though I’m still on the look out for fabulous clothing bargains, just making sure that they are really what I need rather than another top or dress!!!

So here’s just a sneaky peek at some of the crockery I have been buying up for Olive & Em Vintage Crockery Hire…

 I’ve been buying lots of side plates to make my collection up to cater for x40 people. These are just a few of my lovely sets that I have found.







Here’s some of the gorgeous dinner plates that I picked up from Knutsford and in the Barnardo’s vintage store that I volunteer in 🙂









Remember to get in contact or come along to the Retro Wedding Fair this Sunday if you are looking to hire all this gorgeous crockery and more. If you can’t make it just drop me an email from my contact page.

Be great to hear about your challenges or to hear about any of your finds from your rummages in charity shops or car boot fairs… Drop a comment 🙂

Lots of Love and happy vintage hunting,

Olive & Emxxxxxxx