So this week has seen some serious vintage hunting and it has been truly lovely 🙂 I began the week with a trip down to Leigh on Sea. I had earmarked a visit to the lovely Lauren’s unit Poppy Lauren Vintage in the vintage arcade “What the Butler Saw Emporium.” This arcade is a must for all vintage lovers, I just love to wander round and lose myself amongst all the vintage goods, ranging from full-scale furniture down to playing cards. They have it all. My favourite unit though has to be Poppy Lauren Vintage run by Lauren Sutherland. Although I have not met her we have conversed over twitter and for those of you who are twitter lovers you’ll know when I say, I feel like I already know her 🙂 For those of you who are not on twitter, you must, get on it’s so so much fun and much better than facebook!! hehe!!

Anyway so I popped in with mum and we had a great mooch around.  There are just so many unique finds in Poppy Lauren Vintage, an eclectic mix which I don’t think I have been able to find in many other vintage shops. Lauren has a fantastic eye for picking out unique items. Along the left hand side of the picture above are some gorgeous mid century kitchen units. When I get my own house, one of those has my name written all over it.

Have a closer look… and check out all of those gorgeous teapots.. As you can imagine I was in heaven. You can see the variety of eras represented in Lauren’s shop too. It’s a vintage lovers little heaven.

This original 1930s kitchen cabinet is selling at such a reasonable price of £299. Look at the details, gorgeous curtained doors. Below you can see extra shelving and at the bottom, which you can’t see, sorry, are two small drawers and two little cupboards underneath.  I LOVE it 🙂

Here’s one of me in action, however more importantly it shows you those lovely units again..

Another piece which caught my eye was this gorgeous and positively HUGE Victorian cheese dish for £30. I just love the colours and the pattern. Imagine pulling that out at the end of a dinner party, with all your cheeses stored on. You would be the envy of all your friends I guarantee.

My next lovely find was pointed out by the owner of the arcade who I got chatting to whilst I was on my little vintage mission. It’s this really interesting Vacco vacuum flask picnic set. This is completely unused and still has all the cardboard separators within. It dates from the 1950s and would be an amazing present for anyone who loves the era. The quality of the set is outstanding and for £75 it’s great value.








I couldn’t ignore the little section dedicated to our long-standing monarch now could I? With the Diamond Jubilee coming up vintage memorabilia like this little lot will be flying off the shelves. Lauren has a great selection of plates, tins and pictures..

My last piece is this gorgeous 1950’s Onyx and Brass lamp stand and lamp shade. Isn’t it just so lovely?? This is another one of those pieces that I have my name on for when we get an unfurnished house to live in 🙂 I just love how the material sweeps and the colour is just stunning, a very statement lamp made for a vintage reading corner 🙂


I could go on and on there were so many amazing finds in Lauren’s unit. However I want you, and I am sure that Lauren would love this too,to go in and take a look for yourself. I am certain that it will not disappoint all you vintage lovers out there. Thank you Lauren for letting me spend 3/4 of an hour surrounded by vintage loveliness and for the gorgeous teapot 🙂  Directions for the arcade can be found on the arcade’s page which has been helpfully linked above. If there are any vintage shop owners who would like me to find my favourite pieces and do a little write-up of your treasure troves then please just give me a shout.

Until next time happy vintage hunting and please tell me all about your visits to the lovely Poppy Lauren Vintage and the things that you love.

Lots of love

Olive & Emxxxx