Merry Christmas 🙂 Hope you all had a lovely one, I can not believe it is already over, well Christmas anyway. We all still have New Year to look forward to yet 🙂

So as promised I said I would pop on my ideas to make Christmas home-made and vintage in every way 🙂 Maybe you can use some of them next year or just humor me with my funny little ways 🙂

So We’ll start with the decorations shall we. My friend Sarah and I had a little homemade Christmas decoration making session. We were inspired by Kirstie Allsop’s homemade Christmas on a couple of weeks ago. So with sewing machine and bits and bobs in hand I made my way to Sarah’s house. We had a lovely evening. I would really recommend social sewing evenings. I’m sure many of you attend them or have set them up yourselves but we had such fun, add some drinks and nibbles and you’ve got yourself a very cheap, fun and different evening. We have vowed to try to meet up and do some little projects every couple of months. I know my friend Jennie and her mum have a monthly craft evening, think I’ll be popping along to that in the new year 🙂 One of my resolutions this year is to try to make as many presents as possible. I started well last year with birthdays but I want to be organised and see how well I can do for Christmas gifts too. I received some great books giving me lots of ideas: Chic on a Shoestring and Homemade gifts Vintage style. As I work my way through I’ll keep you posted.

Anyway I digress, as usual!! So to our decorations. I made a little heart and a star using scraps of fabric. Just cut out the shapes and sew reverse sides together leaving a hole for the stuffing and pull through finishing off with some more stitching and a button to add some hanging thread. Our shapes turned out a little wonky and warning, make sure that you make the starting shape really big to allow for error and turning inside out 🙂 Have a peek:

Our tree is a little fake one which is ready decorated. It was a Tesco Finest tree with pine cones, cinnamon sticks and berries already attached. I felt this had a real vintage feel about it, then I have added vintage themed decorations and angel lights. It’s only a little tree but is fab for our little lounge and looks fab sitting on top of the green snake skin Singer case 🙂  A great way to give your tree a vintage feel is to add a homemade ginger biscuit decoration, this is made by my sister-in-law Susie at Susie Sweetpea. They look so pretty and dry out really well.

So here is a little peek as to how I “dress” our fire place. As you can tell being a vintage lover I do not go for the minimalistic look. I love lots of bits and pieces and think that this makes it feel so cosey. I adore traditional decorations like paper chains and always stick up our christmas cards making them into more of a feature. Our advent calender is a nativity scene which you make up and add to as the days go by. It was made by Phoenix cards and is fab as you can get it out year on year. Although we have lost the crucial ingredient of the star!! opps!!


So lastly into the dining room, under the misletoe of course, got to have lots of this around, spread the festive cheer and past the door of Christmas cards, again a great way to make a feature of your cards…..


We make it into our dining room where theo and I had a lovely pre Christmas meal on Christmas eve eve. I set the table using a vintage baby blue tablecloth which has been given to me by my mother in law’s friend 🙂 I love how a table cloth can change what a room feels like. I’m defiantly going to be keeping my eye out for more of them at fairs. A great tip for easy table decorations is to place a tea light inside your tea cups and saucers, they look so lovely 🙂

I hope you have enjoyed my little run down of my ideas for a vintage style Christmas 🙂 I really hope you have had a lovely time this Christmas and been able to share with family and friends. I don’t know about you but I have been really made to think about what is important this year. Realising that stuff and things is not what’s important but precious time, fun and giving has really got me thinking. I hope you too can share my outlook for 2012. It’s certainly going to be a year of less me and what I want or think that I want and more about making do, mending and finding new skills and crafts with the gifts I already have 🙂 Remember, a phrase not coined by myself, happiness comes from within, not with the stuff we fill our lives with.  Don’t get me wrong I’m as guilty as the next person but I’m excited that a new mind set will help to help me and hopefully help others.

Have a wonderful vintage filled New Year.

All my love

Olive & Em xxxx