Apologies that this is soo late in coming… Life just seems to have got a little busy, what with school and my masters graduation 🙂 woohooo.. very happy to have that under my belt now:-)

Anyway want to wish you all a very happy christmas. I am trying to keep all things vintage this Christmas however that post is to come this week so I will not give too much away… 🙂

Anyway to my purchases, well they weren’t really purchases. The lovely Vicky of Sewabee, as many of you will know, has just completed an amazing challenge. She gave up buying clothes and vowed to wear a different outfit every day from her current wardrobe. The one thing she was allowed to do was buy material and make her own clothes. Anyway this great challenge to raise money for Oldham Cancer Support Centre culminated in an amazing frock swap.

The night was full of lots of laughter, swapping clothes and sharing fashion tips. There were local boutiques for us to buy christmas pressies and some fantastic entertainment.

So to my finds… I was able to find some great things and was really impressed by Vicky and her friends amazing organisation skills. Well Done my lovely 🙂

First thing I found was a fantastic super dry striped shirt dress which looks amazing pulled in with a belt. I’m afraid the picture of it hasn’t come out very well.. Actually I think it is more likely that I it looks pretty rubbish because I need to iron it.. hehe.. So that one I will pass on and add a photo when I am actually wearing it:-) I’m not really aware of “brands” but apparently Superdry is usually pretty expensive so I was very happy.

My second swap was this gorgeous vintage ( still had the tag in it) white dress. It does need a slip under it as is a little see through however I just love the streamlined shape and the frilled sleeves and bottom 🙂 This is going to be my Christmas Day dress I think, very excited to wear it.











My next swap looks a little like a dressing gown in the photo however it is actually a silk dress from Red Herring ( not sure how to spell that). It’s a gorgeous deep purple colour and will be fab in the summer or in the winter with a lovely warm knit.










My next swap was a gorgeous rain coat. This will be fabulous to replace my Primark rain coat which was looking a little tired. I was so pleased. It was originally from Topshop and looks fabulous. I added this vintage brooch that I got at a flea market when visiting mum and dad. Every great coat deserves a brooch, brings it to life or so I think 🙂  Its got a lovely sheen to it which makes it look so classy.


 My final swap is a skirt that I’m not totally sure is really me however Jennie, the lovely Beauty Cocoon, persuaded me explaining that I could wear it in the summer, it is totally summery. I think with all this cold weather I just couldn’t think summer. However I am glad that I’ve picked it up.


Ok this is my last little purchase. I have been looking for a cream grandad cardie for soo long and finally today in my lovely charity shop that I volunteer at Wilmslow Banardos I spotted one. So I tried it on and it looked fab. It was on my to buy list so I snapped it up:-)

Okey dokes now I am off to give the Strictly final my full attention. Come on Chelsea 🙂  Oh another piece of exciting news. The gorgeous Hannah and Laurence just popped over the crockery from their wedding. My first official wedding 🙂 The photos from this gorgeous and very special wedding will be on the site soon. Keep an eye out.

Until later in the week for my Vintage Christmas post happy vintage hunting and enjoy all the Christmassy loveliness 🙂

Lots of love

Olive & Emxxxxx