So I have become a little obsessed with challenges now. I’ve been very inspired by Vicky and so many others who have really thought about how they spend their money and how they do fashion. As you can tell from my last post it has really make me think about how I spend my money and how I react to the buy buy buy culture that we are surrounded by. I love different ways of challenging consumerism and being creative, that’s what these challenges encourage. So here is a video that I came across when a friend Helen popped this link on my facebook page. I’m not sure that you can embed video’s on basic wordpress anymore so I will add the link below. Have a peek its amazing… So creative and clever 🙂 Also anyone got the answer to my mums very valid question… When did she wash it?? Maybe she had multiples of the same dress… Kind of defeats the object though. Anyway see what you think…

The Uniform Project


Happy Vintage Hunting. Oh I will photograph my swaps from Vicky’s amazing Frock Swap last Thursday. I was soo pleased 🙂 Nabbed a vintage dress with the tag still in it 🙂

Much love

Olive  & Emxxxx