No I promise this is not a summary of my girlie mood swings this is simply me sharing one of the things I just love to do…. collect beautiful images that inspire me and give me ideas for our home and for fashion…

Mood boards are so so simple but they can if you want to display them look so unique up on a plain wall… Anyway before I stopped my subscription to Grazia I had plenty of pics to place on my fashion mood board. Don’t worry I didn’t stop it because I took a disliking to Grazia, I LOVE it… 🙂 I ended up not being able to keep up with reading it each week… hehe.. too much of a busy bee so now I just get it when I feel like it…

Anyway I wander off… my mood boards for the home have been inspired by me just cutting out from various magazine’s Livingetc, Grazia and newspapers, anything that makes me go ohhh… So here’s a challenge design a mood board, all you need is a big piece of paper, magazines, glue and scissors.. It’s a great way to while away an evening and surround yourself with lovely things..

So I’ll leave you with lots of pics…. Enjoy and give me a shout if you’ve got any mood boards, I’d love to see what inspired others and get new and fresh ideas…

And last but not least one of my fashion heros…. The beautiful Grace Kelly, I got these pictures and information from the V&A exhibition of her outfits, one of the most amazing exhibitions I have ever seen.

Happy Mood boarding and all doing all things vintage…..

Until next time

Love from

Olive & Em