So I have just had a very exciting conversation with my lovely mum and have found out something so fascinating…

Now if you have read my “About Me” page and the introductory post to this site you will know that my website is named in honor and memory of my Great Grandmother – Olive. She adored fashion, craft and was incredibly creative. My love of creativity comes from her…

So what I found out was in fact that my Great Grandmother owned a dress making shop called Olive. This shop was opened before the war so mid to late 1930s. It was situated in Benfleet in Essex in a building with a large bay window.

Within the windows were two mannequins which were dressed in Great Nana’s own creations. She designed and made bespoke dresses for her customers within the shop. Great Nana loved to design for her customers and charged a set price for the making of the dresses and then added the cost of the material on top of this.

I can not wait to go home down south and research this further. A long phone call to my grandma is in order over half term to quiz her for more information about this exciting discovery. It just makes me think of the possibilities. If women like my Great Nana could do it then just before the war, create her own business back in the 1930s then I can create my hobby into a dream come true too 🙂

My mum reckons that we can find some photos of my Great Nana’s creations so keep your eyes peeled and I’ll keep you updated on my exciting discovery.

Lots of love from a very happy and excited..

Olive & Em