Hello lovely people 🙂

Again I’m blogging when Strictly Come Dancing is on… Apologies if I start chatting about what the dancers are doing, wearing or what Craig scores 🙂 I have had truly the loveliest day… I’ve been photographing all the crockery for this site. The lovely Jennie @beautycocoon helped me.. We truely had such a lovely day. The crockery is all now labelled and packed away and we have some gorgeous photos. Thank you so much Jennie you are a star 🙂 Love you lots…The photos will be on the site as a lovely gallery within the week.

Had some fantastic comments and mentions on twitter this week. Lots from the lovely Vicky @Sewabee  and Elizabeth @CharityChicUK. Thank you ladies 🙂

So after a uber busy week I have not had much chance to do much vintage things this week on the blog and on twitter.. I’ve been making up for it today though 🙂 So what have I got in store for you today.. Well I’m going to share with you the lovely clothes I have found as I have scoured charity shops and vintage shop this summer.

    To your left you can see my first purchase. It was from a British Heart Foundation Shop in Shanklin in the Isle of Wight. Although this is not totally vintage it has such a vintage feel. Very 1970s especially if you button it right to the top. I have been wearing it to work and even my pupils have said how much they like it. One said it looks a little “Chinesy” not quite what I was thinking but I can kind of see where they are coming from. Bless 🙂 This little bargain was just £6.99 🙂






My next find was from the local Cancer Research in Heaton Moor. It’s such a gorgeous blue this cardie and was a bargain at just £3.99. In fact I’m wearing it now. I wasn’t sure about it on the hanger but when I tried it on and teamed it with some skinny jeans with one of my gorgeous vintage scarves I was very happy with it. So take a peek…


Oh my goodness this next find was not so much a find but a hand me down from a friend from work.. It’s a original vintage 1960s Levi Denim Jacket… Eck, just writing it makes me excited:-) Oh I’m loving the fascinator on Strictly. Edwina looks fabulous.. Sorry little side tracked there… So take a peek at the jacket. It is pretty worn but I love that about it.

Next is the lovely Laura Ashley Vintage dress that I found in the British Red Cross shop in Stockport. It was a steal at £9.99. I wore it to a wedding in the summer and its so amazing to dance in as the skirt is so full. I’ve tried to show this by holding it out..hehe.. Fits beautifully and makes me feel very summary and happy when I wear it. 


Next are two of the shirts that I found. The black spotty shirt on the left is a beautiful shiny material, very 1980s and so nice to wear as it is double-breasted. I love the gold buttons too 🙂 It has to be tucked in or pulled in with a belt at the waist for it to really work I think, on me anyway but its a great one for going out and for work. The second shirt was a find at an indoor car boot in the church hall at the end of our road. It was £1!! I haven’t actually tried it on yet but the flowers just drew me in and the tie detail at the top.. Looking forward to trying it on, I’ll let you know what I think 🙂










Oh the next two below are two of my favs.. I have worn both of these to work and so many people have commented on the fab vintage style. The first on the left has a gorgeous frill detail and look so classy with pearls and a pencil skirt. I found this gem in an Oxfam Vintage section in Kendal. The second shirt on the right is just such a lovely colour. It is hand-made and I found it in Vintage Banardos in Wilmslow. I love the elasticated waist and the puffy shoulders. So 1980s 🙂 I have a little bit of a thing for shirts, can you tell 😉 Again this looks great with a pencil skirt, very smart.










Ahh Alex on Strictly has the same problem as me with her left and right!! I’m sure that you have noticed this…:-)

So my next finds, both tie bottomed shirts. The black floral shirt was great in the summer as its so so light, looked fab with just a simple white tank top underneath and some high waisted black jeans. I found this in a Mind charity shop in Leigh on Sea when visiting my family. The second top on the  right was a bargain, £2 in a charity shop on Oldham Street. I just love the colour and is thicker so can be worn whatever the season. It is without buttons, hence the tie bottom.










My final but one finds are a pair of shoes that I found in a Mind Charity shop in Wilmslow. They are a little worn on the inside but they look so lovely on and are great for work and are surprisingly comfortable 🙂 Again another bargain at £3.99. Charity shop hunting is so so worth it ladies.. Just make sure that you train your eyes and go to areas where you know you can hunt out quality.

Last but not least is my gorgeous turquoise summer dress. This was £3!! It’s from the same charity shop on Oldham Street in Manchester as mentioned further up. It looks like the same print as the shirt but it is different. I just love it.. It is miles too big and looks like a huge smock without a belt but with a belt adds shape and definition. Honestly people belts are a girls best friend, i swear by them 🙂


So enough for today.. I need to go and pick up Theo and grab a bottle of wine and fish and chips. Yum yum:-) As I said the pictures of the crockery will be up this week. Any questions please email me. Happy hunting. Oh I’ll be at the Vintage Village in Stockport tomorrow if any of you are around, please come and say hello. Looking forward to seeing Vicky @Sewabee there.

Happy hunting people.

Lots of love

Olive & Em