Hello there lovely people….

So I’m attempting to multitask, strictly is on and I can not miss it so if I start commenting on the dancing just humour me…hehe… Anita is my fav, anyway enough let’s get down to business my charity shop finds of the summer. Bear in mind this is only the homeware, all the clothes will be my next blog 🙂 There was quite a few finds this summer!! I kind of let myself go a little as I finished my Masters in Education at the beginning of the holidays. Charity shop treats and crockery for the collection was my treat at the end of a loooonnnggg slog. You will be able to see lots more of the crockery I bought for you lovely people to oggle and hopefully hire next week when I’ve completed the photo shoot.. Eck very excited about that one:-)

You will see that lots of the treats are crockery based… Our house is getting a little full but who cares, you can always store crockery and swap it over every 6 months and it gives a room a whole new look for so cheap:-) I bought lots of plates this summer. I am buying larger dinner plates to use everyday rather than just for display. Vintage plates need to be used and a dinner table with mismatched plates I think just looks gorgeous 🙂 So here are some of the plates I found….








These little gems on the left were an absolute bargain from Barnardos in Cheadle, they were 19p each 🙂 Very very happy.. The lovely floral plates on the right were from the Age UK warehouse in Kendal. Its amazing and holds a treasure trove of goodies. My mother in law works there and we have so much fun when we go to visit. I have kept some aside for hire so if you like them give me a shout. I’ve bought these to add to my everyday usable vintage plates. I just love how mismatched plates on a dinner table. So this is the start of the collection. I got some lovely floral bowls from Vintage Barnardos in Wilmslow  to add to the every day vintage crockery collection too… Aren’t they just gorgeous.

I got the bowls below from Stockport Antique market last week. I fell in love, they are just soo gorgeous. I have kept the rest of the small bowls for hire so again if you like these please give me a shout. Stockport Antique fair is amazing. Great to barter and find a bargain. The stall holders were just lovely and very willing to help.








The gorgeous bowl on the right sits very proudly in the middle of the dining room table and makes a fabulous centre piece between two very cute little tea cups 🙂








Check out these lovely decorative plates.. These are being kept for decoration rather than every day use 🙂 You can see why. I always think its worth paying a little more, you just know when you are getting quality. The plate on the right was a cheeky pressie from mum, thank you mummy mitchell 🙂 I just love it. especially the rim, it’s so different.








These two sneaky finds just get me all happy.. Look at that casserole dish. It was hiding in a cabinet in a charity shop in Ryde. Same with the China tray. It is so so worth it rooting through and having a really good look. You can find some real gems. Both really do look gorgeous in the kitchen. The casserole dish was a bargain at £5 and the tray was just £1.99. Honestly who couldn’t love charity shops 🙂








The little jug on the right was a buy as a result of a horrid disaster.. Our gravy/ cream jug ( its all about multi usage) from John Lewis fell out of the cupboard and smashed 😦 But hey it meant I could go and find one in a charity shop… yay.. So the vase on the right I’m not sure about. What do we think? It’s an original m&s “St Micheal”…. Anyway it was nice and cheap from one of my local cancer research shops in Heaton Moor so I can always replace it. Normally I go for a little older… I can’t decide what I think of it, comments welcome? 🙂

So now for some non crockery bits…














I just love the trinkets for the dressing table 🙂 They were such a bargain again from the Age UK warehouse. The Victorian hand held mirror was 50p and the glass pot was just £1. They make the dresser look so elegant I think. The tray was a pressie from my mother in law. They just all work so well together and with the charity shop mirror behind, well they make me very happy 🙂

So now for the summer best… The gorgeous little tea set. Found in Rayleigh down in Essex. I could not leave it in the shop. It looks soo lovely on top of the piano:-) I wonder how many times I have said lovely in this post ?!! Anyway I just think this tea set is very unusual in its shape and the finish is just so lovely… There is another cup and saucer, you might be able to see the edge in the picture. Lets just hope Theo doesn’t plonk too hard on the piano, that could = disaster.

So that is all for today. I will be blogging the summer clothes finds next week. Also you will see lots more crockery finds from the summer when the Crockery Hire pictures go up.. We are photoshooting next weekend. I am so very excited 🙂 Got my first wedding enquiry too next Saturday morning. Exciting times..

Remember keep vintage hunting and let me know of any of your great finds.

Until next time, enjoy all things vintage.

Lots of love

Olive & Em