I just had to put this video on here, I just love it so much, it celebrates British Fashion so so well and more importantly shows off the amazing vintage trends of the past…Enjoy…..

I just love how it celebrates fashion through the eras and uses such amazing dancing too. My favourite eras have to be the 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s… Let me know your favourite eras and clothes from the video. It’s also fab to see the various vintage trends and styles come through in later eras. I love how vintage, our heritage and the past really does inspire the looks of the future.

Another quick inspiration for me recently has been watching the House of Elliot a series set in 1920s. It follows two sisters as they set up a fashion house. Really great inspiration for finding some untapped vintage trends and for looking at accessorising vintage style. Check it out, well worth a glance.

Until next time, keep doing all things vintage.


Olive& Em